“We are so proud to work alongside the wonderful honey bee to produce natural, chemical free products that are fresh from the hive.”

— Marc, Fresh from the Hive

Our website is a celebration of nature, the honey bee and the amazing, almost magical ingredients that come fresh from the hive.

These special ingredients such as raw honey, pure beeswax, propolis and the nutrient packed natural pollen can hugely benefit our skin and our overall health. 

All of our products are handmade in a traditional artisan way. Many of the ingredients come from our very own bee hives that are nestled in the lush green Surrey countryside.

No nasty chemicals are ever added to our products, which are bad for you and the environment.

We know that our bees need our help too. We stock native wildflower seeds that you can sow in your own gardens to help the bees and nature thrive.

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