Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting.

So let me begin with a little bit of background information. My name is Marc and I am a hobbyist beekeeper. I live with my partner Louise, who thankfully tolerates my fascination of bees and their wondrous world. We also share a house with two German shepherd dogs that provide us with a great excuse to explore the outdoors and grab some fresh air at the same time. 

What started off as a keen curiosity of bees soon turned into a lifestyle choice for me. I had heard in the media of all the struggles the bees were having and how the ecosystem as well as ourselves would suffer if they disappeared. As a man with a sweet-tooth, I also had a strong love of honey drizzled on my breakfast cereal each morning and I was spending a small fortune buying local honey from the farm shop each month. These two driving forces spurred me on to learn as much as humanly possible about the honey bee and beekeeping in general with the aim of getting my first hive the following spring.

What started with one hive that first year turned into around 18 hives as the seasons passed. I was hooked, I reaped the rewards of beekeeping and enjoyed the symbiotic relationship I had with the bees. It satisfied me providing a home for them and felt I was doing my bit for nature. All those bees of mine were out in force, flying free from flower to flower, carrying out all those important pollination duties.

So, what is Fresh From The Hive all about?

Although I originally hoped for this website to centre mainly around our friendly honey bee and it’s produce, I soon realised they are only a small part of the bigger picture. The bees rely on their local environment just like we do. Without an abundant source of nectar rich flowers the bees would struggle. What is good for the bees is also good for us so it seems.

The scientific boffins have now proved that being outdoors in green spaces helps to soothe our minds and de-stress us from our busy lives, allowing us to feel happier and healthier. So instead of just focusing on beekeeping and the honeybee on this website, I want to explore the environment around us and its benefit to us, and how we are ultimately linked to nature. As they say every little helps.

I’m not quite brainy enough to be a boffin or an expert, so I am still learning too, but hopefully we can learn together and use my blog to help spread some knowledge and build a community that appreciates what we have, what we can do to help, and what we stand to lose if we don’t do anything to make a better difference to nature, our minds, and our health. 

So next time you are enjoying that cold beer or a glass of wine in your garden or balcony just remember this – If we can help the bees it will help nature, which in turn will help us.  In my opinion that is a marvellously worthwhile thing to do.