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best selling paw balm

Our best selling paw balm has helped heal and soothe thousands of dry dog noses and cracked paw pads since its creation not so long ago. We have a product we are incredibly proud of and we wan’t as many people to know about it as possible. 

What started as just an idea, our balm for dog paws has become one of, if not the best selling paw balm on ebay. And that’s for a very good reason. It really works and does exactly what it says it will do on the tin. 

A good paw balm, often called paw wax or paw butter, has one important job to do. That job is to soothe, heal and provide relief to your dogs dry flaky nose and cracked, split paw pads.

What inspired you to develop a balm for dog paws?

Dogs have always been a big part of our family, and as well loved family members it’s natural to want the best for them.

My sister has a French bulldog cross that she rehomed from a rescue shelter. He is a lovely little chap, but like many similar breeds he is prone to a dry nose. Unlike our own German shepherds, whose noses are always pretty damp, Raph’s nose almost looks uncomfortable with it’s flaky dry surface. I sat there looking at this dog’s snout, wondering if his dry nose affected the way it sniffed out the world around him. A seed of an idea was planted in my head. 

Why makes yours a best selling paw balm?

I had a look around on the internet and saw plenty of balms and waxes that claimed to moisturise dogs dry noses and heal cracked paw pads. 

But what shocked me was how many of them contained man made chemicals and synthetic oils. I even looked on ebay and saw that some sellers were selling dog nose balms with added essential oils. Some essential oils are toxic to dogs. 

But the worst was yet to come. I was horrified to see that a seller on ebay was selling their own variety of paw and nose balm that was fragranced with human perfume and aftershave! 

Imagine the poor dog having to have that applied to their nose? 

I wanted to develop something natural and something safe. But the most important factor was it had to heal and soothe. I wanted to create a 100% natural product that could be applied to moisturise a dog’s nose and it would be a nice experience for the dog. No added fragrances and no potentially harmful substances. It’s totally lick safe.

We spent a lot of time researching the most beneficial oils and waxes. Each natural ingredient in our paw and nose wax is there for a job to do. Nothing is added just for the sake of it. 

Once we carefully chose the ingredients that we wanted we set about the recipe. We made multiple blends and batches until we got it just right.  We wanted our dog paw balm to be in the ‘Goldilocks zone’. Make it too soft and the dog will lick it off the nose too quickly, make it too hard and it’s not as easy to rub into the nose. 

What is the star ingredient in your dog paw wax?

I’d say all of them. They all work together to help treat your dog’s cracked paw pads or dry nose.

But if I had to choose I’d say it’s the beeswax. Beeswax is such a beneficial and remarkable substance. It has been used as a healing ingredient for thousands of years and is far superior to synthetic waxes. The beeswax holds all the healing ingredients together and keeps the oils on the nose or paw pad for longer under a protective barrier.

The only reason synthetic waxes are used in mass production is because they are a lot cheaper to produce, and yet they have no actual healing quality. 

Beeswax on the other hand is made in limited quantities each year naturally by the hard working honey bee.

How do I apply the dog balm and how often?

We have made our dog balm as a semi solid. It’s not runny like a cream and it’s not too firm either. 

It has been developed to gently melt under the warmth of your fingertips to be transferred onto the area to be treated. 

Just massage the healing dog balm onto the nose or paws of your pet whenever needed and as often as you like. 

Our recommendation is at least three times a day though. The longer the balm is on the chosen area, the better the moisturising result.

What causes a dog’s nose or cracked paws?

Some breeds are more predisposed to dry noses than others and cracked paw pads could be caused by a variety or reasons. To read more about what causes a dry dog’s nose, click here.

Or if you want to know more about the reasons our dogs can get cracked paws, click here.

Where can I buy some of your dog paw and nose balm?

Well, you can buy it here on our Fresh from the Hive website or you can buy it on ebay or etsy. The good thing about us selling it on ebay is that a customer can see our feedback and read some of the wonderful testimonies that have been written about our paw and nose balm before they make a purchase. It’s so heartwarming to read that our product has helped alleviate some discomfort of someone’s beloved pet. 

We are looking to sell on Amazon soon too in the near future. Although we have enjoyed making our paw balm in small handmade artisan batches, we are considering increasing production. This will see us expand into many retail stores such as pet shops, garden centres and possibly some larger retail chains.

Fresh from the Hive is very keen to maintain our ethos of quality, chemical free and cruelty free production. We want to be a supplier large enough to manage any order but small enough to care for every single customer that buys from us.

I own a shop, can I stock your products?

If you would like to stock a selection of our products in your store we will be happy to help. Please get in touch and we can discuss things further.

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