As most beekeepers will know, at the end of each season a beekeeper is left with a whole heap of lovely fresh beeswax. After it has been cleaned, we can either leave it sitting on a shelf somewhere, we can share it with friends and family or we can put it to good use. I like to use it to make my favourite beeswax furniture polish recipe. I always have one in the home for our own pine furniture and it also makes a great gift for someone.

The ingredients

Beeswax has been the number one ingredient used over the centuries to help protect and polish wood. Alone, the beeswax  gives a luxurious matt sheen to the wood. By adding carnauba wax to the mix, it will add a more durable and shinier finish to your polished wood. Natural turpentine from the pine tree is traditionally used in wood polishes as it helps carry the beeswax into the pores of the wood.

So, let’s get cracking and serve up a helping of some polish that your wood furniture will thank you for.

Materials needed to make your beeswax furniture polish

  • Yellow beeswax 44g
  • Carnauba wax 11g
  • Turpentine 372g
  • Digital scales
  • Double boiler
  • Stirring stick
  • Glass jars

And now for the recipe!

  1. Using the double boiler, slowly melt the waxes together.
  2. Remove from the heat source and add the turpentine to the melted wax.
  3. Stir the melted beeswax, carnauba wax and turpentine together.
  4. Carefully pour the melted waxes and turpentine into the glass jars. It is obviously VERY hot so take care. I like to use a plastic funnel as I am pouring it into the jars as it helps to prevent spillages onto the worktop surface.
  5. Wait several hours for the polish to cool and settle.

How to use your new beeswax furniture polish

The furniture polish is best applied using a cloth. Rub the beeswax polish into the wood using circular motions. If the cloth you are using becomes dirty during application, use another part of the cloth. 

Allow the beeswax furniture polish to dry to a haze on the wood before buffing it off with a clean, soft cloth. 

If you desire to add another coat of polish, wait several hours before doing so.

Give me your feedback

There you have it. This is in my opinion, the best beeswax furniture polish recipe that you can make at home using fairly traditional ingredients. It is very easy to produce and will yield very good results.

Let me know how you get on using this recipe. Feel free to comment with your own recipes and I will create a post with the best suggestions.

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