Chemical free horse care products coming soon!

chemical free horse care coming soon

We are delighted to announce that our new range of chemical free horse care products will be coming soon!

After the fabulous success of our brilliant dog paw and nose wax, we have been working hard behind the scenes formulating a whole range of 100% natural and chemical free horse care products. 

We can’t wait to release our chemical free horse insect repellent to give your horse or pony relief from fly, midge and mosquito bites. It’s sure to become a bestseller. It is a balm formulation, featuring beeswax, allowing it to continue to repel those pesky insects even after a rain shower. 

One of our personal favourites is our horse hoof conditioner. This has been developed to condition and treat your horse or pony hooves, keeping them healthy and fresh. Incorporating natural antimicrobial ingredients it will also clean and protect the sole and the frog of your companions hooves.

If your horse or pony needs a little TLC or just a spruce up before a show, be sure to purchase some of our horse mane and tail conditioner. It features natural oils and waxes to condition, nourish and detangle, helping your horse look its best.

Your horse spends a lot of time outdoors, ensuring it gets the protection from the sun it deserves is vital. Our horse natural sunscreen is safe and effective. The chemical free balm based formulation gives long lasting protection to your horses vulnerable areas.

Provide your horse with some protection from the mud and dirt. Our horse mud barrier balm is perfect for applying to your horse’s legs to provide a layer of protection from the elements. The wax based formula helps the mud and dirt wash away after a day riding in the saddle.

Our horse bit balm is soothing and healing to treat and soften the areas of your horse’s mouth that are dry, callused or sore.

The gentle balm butter is made from the finest natural ingredients and features pure raw honey that is fresh from the hive. Honey has been used for centuries to treat wounds naturally by creating a clean, sterile antibacterial barrier.

We are excited to release these products soon onto the market and we are sure they will be greatly received. We are so happy that people are now realising that all things natural are the way forward and we can rely on chemical and synthetic based products less and less. Not only is this kinder for your horse, it’s better for the environment too.

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