We love talking to our customers about our products and answering their questions. And why wouldn’t we? We are extremely proud of what we make. Here are some of the most common questions that we get asked.

Honey Questions

  • Your honey tastes delicious but when I bought it from you it was runny, now its gone grainy like it's setting. What's happened?

    Yep agreed, our honey is super yummy!

    What is happening is a perfectly normal thing to happen to natural, raw honey after a period of time and its called crystallisation. In fact, its a very good indicator that your honey is indeed raw, natural and fresh from the hive. I’d go as far to say that i’d question the quality of any honey that did not go grainy and crystallise after a while. Click here to read a little bit more about the differences of raw honey and cheap quality honey.

    Grainy honey, or set honey as it is also known tastes just as delicious as the runny honey, it just has a different texture. But you can easily convert your crystallised honey back to runny honey by gently warming it. One way is by wrapping the jar in a towel and placing it upright on a radiator. Another would be to stand the sealed jar in a pan with hot water up to the shoulder of the jar. Give the honey a stir and before you know it the honey will be like liquid gold again. The trick is not to overheat it. You don’t want to kill all the beneficial enzymes that are inside your raw honey. And NEVER get water in your jar of honey. This will spoil it and it could ferment the honey, totally spoiling the taste.

  • How shall I store my honey? Will it go off?

    A cupboard or on the sideboard is ideal. It never needs to be refrigerated as it will NEVER go bad if stored correctly. As long as you do not allow moisture to get in the jar and keep it out of direct sunlight, it will still be perfectly edible in 50 years time! Jars of honey found inside ancient Egyptian tombs are still edible and they are over 2000 years old.

  • Why is raw honey so expensive? I see honey in supermarkets that are so much cheaper.

    Real, natural and raw honey is a luxury, premium product created solely by the honey bee. It comes fresh out of the hive and is then poured into a jar. It’s not processed in any way and is jam packed with beneficial enzymes, mineral and nutrients.

    Cheap supermarket honey has a bad press, and rightly so. The opinion of many beekeepers is that cheap supermarket honey is not even real honey. It has been processed in so many ways that it is devoid of its many health giving beneficial properties. Click here to read more about the differences of raw honey and cheap processed honey.

  • Do you add anything to the honey to make it taste as good as it does?

    This is very easy to answer. No, nothing is added or taken from our raw honey. It is 100% natural as nature intended, made by the bees and fresh from the hive.

  • Does all raw honey taste the same?

    Raw honey will vary in taste and colour depending on what blossom is in bloom local to the bees. It is the nectar that the bees forage that determines exactly what colour the honey will be and how it will taste. There may be slight variances year after year. Ours is particularly tasty, even if we do say so ourselves.

  • Beeswax Questions

  • What is beeswax?

    Beeswax is a natural wax made by the bees. Young makes the wax and use it to build the honeycomb inside the beehive. This honeycomb is used to store the honey and raise the baby bees.

    Click here to read more about beeswax.