Dog Balm for Paws – Natural Dog Paw and Nose Wax

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Dog Balm for Paws – Natural Dog Paw and Nose Wax

Our natural, chemical free 30ml tin of dog balm for paws will help soothe and heal the dry, cracked skin on your dog’s paw pads or nose.

If used daily our paw balm will moisturise the pads, making them more flexible, resulting in less painful paw cracks. A tough paw pad is one that is softer and flexible. A hard paw pad is more likely to crack , which will result in unwanted pain for your best friend. Our natural paw wax is ideal to help protect your dog’s paws from the cold frosty climate as well as dry warm pavement walks.

Of course no dog enjoys a flaky dry nose either. Rubbing a small amount of our paw and nose wax balm onto your dog’s nose will lovingly moisturise it. The calming oils will swiftly alleviate the symptoms of having a dry sore nose, so your pet will be up and sniffing around again in no time. It is the perfect dog nose moisturiser.

We use only natural, non toxic ingredients. If your dog licks off this paw and nose wax it will not harm him or her in any way.

This dog paw wax is lovingly made by us here at Fresh from the Hive, using the beeswax from our very own bees where possible. We formulate and hand pour each tin ourselves, resulting in you receiving a truly handmade, luxury artisan product.

We use only the best, natural ingredients in our products and we never resort to using the nasty chemicals that you will find in some commercial cosmetic products. 

The Ingredients we use in our natural dog balm for paws


Carefully gathered from our very own bees. We never use chemicals in our beehives. Beeswax acts as an anti inflammatory and contains vitamin A, which has been found to support skin cell reconstruction and health.

Sweet almond oil

The fatty acids found in sweet almond oil helps the skin retain moisture, keeping your dogs skin hydrated. The high vitamin E content helps soothe skin damage and irritation.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil helps to reduce skin inflammation whilst aiding in wound healing. The medium chain fatty acids possess antimicrobial properties to help treat and clean the skin of harmful bacteria.

Shea butter

Shea butter is a wonderful ingredient that will help to moisturise the skin. It also acts as an antimicrobial agent which can help speed up the skin healing process.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which may be effective at reducing UV damage on the skin. When applied daily, it can nourish the skin and help protect from the damage of free radicals. 

How to use our dog balm for paws

Our beeswax dog balm for paws can be used as often as you like, although twice daily minimum is recommended. Use the wax balm sparingly, a little goes a long way. 

Take a small amount and work into your dog’s paws before and after a walk, or just before bed time. Use a small amount rubbed between your fingers and gently massage onto the sore areas of your dog’s nose or paw pads. 

Read our article here, to find out some of the causes of your dog’s dry nose and here to read about some cracked paw pad causes.


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11 reviews for Dog Balm for Paws – Natural Dog Paw and Nose Wax

  1. Lisa Blair

    Best product I have ever used!
    My boy suffers from an overactive thyroid so will occasionally get a dry nose if his levels are playing up and especially in the summer. I actually saw this product on eBay and thought I would give it a try, I’m glad I did from the first application there was a vast improvement. Would definitely recommend your products.

  2. D. Hillam

    Wonderful product! Benny’s dry paws are much improved after only one application.

  3. Tamsin H

    Quick delivery, perfect order

  4. M Evans

    10/10 Would buy from again

  5. H Hancock

    Excellent seller. Amazing stuff.. my baby is happy ..a German wirehaired pointer

  6. W. Jackson

    Excellent value product, really works, no licking it off either, great seller.

  7. B. Dansey

    Our puppy loves it

  8. A Wardlaw

    Happy customer!

  9. Paul H

    Only used once but dog seemed to enjoy it.

  10. Pamela W

    Very satisfied with speedy delivery an product quality. Thank you

  11. K. Eccles

    Lovely seller! Fab product too, helping my dogs paws already – thank you!

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