Lemon and Tea Tree Beard Balm – 100% Natural

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Lemon and Tea Tree Beard Balm

Our natural, organic and chemical free 30ml tin of lemon and tea tree beard balm will help condition and tame your beard, keeping it in tip top shape.

If used daily, the blend of oils will moisturise and protect, keeping your beard in tip top condition. It is also very delicately scented with lemon and tea tree essential oils, which not only smells great, it keeps your beard fresh and clean.

We use only the best, natural ingredients in our products. We never resort to using the nasty chemicals that you will find in some commercial cosmetic products. 

This natural conditioning beard balm is lovingly made by us here at Fresh from the Hive, using the beeswax from our very own bees where possible. We formulate and hand pour each tin ourselves, resulting in you receiving a truly handmade, luxury artisan product.

The Ingredients we use in our natural beard balm


The beeswax is carefully gathered from our very own bees. We never use chemicals in our beehives. Beeswax will help protect and seal each hair strand from damaging sources, such as heat and air pollution. It also provides a protective barrier that helps to keep in moisture to prevent frizz and dryness, and helps to keep your beard styled the way you want. Beeswax will also protect and moisturise your skin.

Sweet almond oil

The fatty acids found in sweet almond oil helps individual hairs retain moisture, keeping your beard tame and frizz free. Sweet almond oil has the ability to strengthen the hair, lessening the chances of split ends. The high vitamin E content helps soothe skin damage and irritation. No longer will you have to worry about dreaded beardruff.

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil helps to reduce skin inflammation whilst aiding in wound healing so your skin underneath will always be nicely moisturised. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil possess antimicrobial properties to help treat and clean the hair of harmful bacteria. Not only will your beard be protected from the drying and damaging effects of the sun, it will remain soft and strong.

Shea butter

Extracted from the nut of the Karite tree. This is revered as the ‘tree of life’ in the Savannah region of West Africa. That’s exactly what it offers your beard. It’s jam packed with vitamin A & E. Shea butter is a wonderful ingredient that will help to moisturise the hair shaft by penetrating and replenishing the hydro lipid layer and the cortex. It also acts as an antimicrobial agent which can help speed up the skin healing process under your beard.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter can help slow hair shaft ageing due to the protective barrier it provides from harmful UV rays. This barrier also helps hold in moisture to prevent your beard drying out. It’s own natural plant compounds are also rich in antioxidants, helping to maintain your beard’s healthy sheen.

Lemon and tea tree essential oils

Essential oils not only add a wonderful fragrance, they also contain properties that benefit your skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which may be effective at reducing UV damage on the beard hair. When applied daily, it can nourish your beard and help protect from the damage of free radicals. 

How to use our conditioning beard balm

Our natural lemon and tea tree beard balm can be used as often as you like. It’s perfect to protect your beard from cold, frosty mornings, or the hot summer afternoon rays of the sun whilst sitting on the beach. 

Rub your fingers along the top of the balm which will melt under the warmth of your fingertips, and then massage into your beard.

Our beard balm is formulated to go a long way, so use sparingly.


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Unscented, Lemon & Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Bergamot, Orange, Sandlewood

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