Surrey Raw Honey – Pure & Natural


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Surrey Raw Honey

A 227g jar of local Pure Surrey Raw honey Fresh From The Hive.

Our bees are lucky to have such a rich and diverse array of flora available to forage on deep in green, rural Surrey. There is an abundance of meadows, farmland, trees and gardens throughout the Surrey countryside which makes it an ideal location for producing delicious raw wildflower honey. Most of our honey comes from Horley in Surrey, so if you are from a nearby town, you may benefit a little by consuming our honey if you suffer from hay fever allergies.

We add absolutely nothing to our honey and take nothing out of it. The honey is cold extracted and course filtered and never pasteurised. This means all the goodness of the honey remains, including the local pollen, beneficial enzymes and minerals. We jar it exactly as nature intended. This means you will experience the most delicious tasting, 100% natural, pure honey, exactly as it should be.
Our honey is a great healthy alternative to sugar. It’s perfect for cooking with, adding to cereal in the mornings and sweetening hot beverages.


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