The amazing benefits of using a good quality beard balm

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We make good quality beard balm here at Fresh from the Hive. But sometimes we get asked if using it will make much of a difference to the appearance of a beard. Read on to find out more.

Beards. What is the purpose of a beard? Do we grow them just to keep our faces snug and warm on a chilly morning commute to our workplaces? Do we have one just because we can’t be bothered to shave each morning when we wake up bleary eyed? Of course not.

A man’s beard and its purpose has evolved along with us into modern times. No longer are we considered cavemen and no longer is a beard just a beard.

A beard is a part of us, it’s a projection of our personality. For some it makes a statement, it’s a symbol of fashion and style. But in order to pull this off it has to look good. To make it look good it needs daily care and attention.

A neglected beard will be dry, itchy and dull, making it uncomfortable to wear. The hairs will even split after time, leaving you with a beard in poor condition. Not a great look. If you’re still a caveman this may not bother you too much. Thankfully, for the rest of us who want our beards to compliment us and not fail us, there is a wealth of beard grooming products on the market. They tame, condition and control the frizz on our faces. But with so many to choose from it can be a difficult choice to make. Do we want a beard balm, a beard oil or a beard wax? And what is the difference between them? This article will show you the benefits of bringing a good quality beard balm into your daily grooming routine.

What is beard balm?

A beard balm holds the middle ground between a beard wax and a beard oil. A good beard balm’s main purpose is to condition the beard and keep the skin underneath fresh and healthy. It will make your beard look denser and the hair thicker. In a nutshell, using beard balm will just make things a whole lot better.

In order to fulfil its duties correctly, the beard balm needs high quality and beneficial ingredients. For best results avoid using a beard balm that uses synthetic sealants such as petroleum jelly as these can cause skin irritation and beard hair dryness. Instead, look for a beard balm that contains natural oils and waxes.

A good quality beard balm will usually always contain beeswax, nature’s very own emollient and moisturiser. It will also contain a high quality moisturising oil like coconut, almond or jojoba oil. These key ingredients work to seal the moisture into each strand of hair, preventing any chance of hair strands breaking due to dryness. Another major ingredient is shea butter. If you have a patchy beard or the hair is quite thin, the shea butter will help give the appearance of thickening the hair, making it look more dense and full. A final component of a good bee balm will be addition of natural essential oils. They will keep your beard smelling good all throughout the day and come in an array of fragrances to suit your tastes.

How to use a beard balm

Each beard balm on the market will vary and so will the beard it will be applied to. But in general there are a few steps that you can follow each day to ensure that your beard looks its best.

  • Wash your beard with a natural beard soap and let it dry
  • Get a small amount of beard balm on your fingertips and rub into the palms of your hand.
  • Run the palm of your hands upwards from your neck to your chin. This ensures a good application to the root of the hair and to the underlying skin.
  • Now work in the opposite direction, from the cheeks downwards to your chin and neck.
  • If you use a beard comb, use it now to help distribute the beard balm through the individual hair strands.

The good thing about a natural, chemical free beard balm is it can be left on to condition your beard until the next time you clean it. It’s not advised to do this with a chemical based beard balm. It is recommended to wash these types off each night to avoid skin irritation and beard dryness.
The longer a natural beeswax beard balm with the essential moisturising oils included is left on your beard, the better the conditioning benefits are to the hair and your skin.

How much should you use?

Just remember, a little goes a long way. You don’t want to use too much of your beard product in one go. Work a small amount into your beard and if you feel like you need a little more just go ahead and add it. Each beard is unique. Some absorb more beard balm than others, especially if they are extra dry or have been unloved or neglected in the past.

How often should you apply beard balm?

As mentioned above, it depends. If your beard is already in a great place physically and you want to maintain its excellent condition, it is recommended to apply your beard balm 1 to 2 times a day. If you work a lot outside and your beard needs extra protection from the elements or it is naturally very dry, you can use your beard balm up to three times a day.

The main benefits of using a good quality beard balm

Beard growers all over the globe know the benefits of using beard balm. But if you are new to the world of facial hair, you might not be entirely sure what your new investment can do for you.
Basically, it keeps your beard looking good and the skin underneath healthy. The beneficial ingredients of beeswax and the moisturising oils help prevent split ends forming along with the skin drying out and the possibility of dandruff occurring.

A beard balm will help to style your beard. Although it will not allow your beard to hold its shape as well as beard styling wax does, it will tame and lay down stray hairs in the desired direction giving a much neater look. If you like to comb your beard, this will become effortless.
Overall, it makes growing a beard a more enjoyable experience.

It’s a well known fact in the bearded community that one of the main reasons that some men give up growing a beard is because of the itchiness involved. Sometimes as a hair grows it will curl around and point back at your skin; often a culprit for itchy beard syndrome. A beard balm will help restore some order in that department by realigning the rogue hair into the correct path, alleviating the itch.

Give ours a try

We have formulated our own special beard balm from hand chosen premium ingredients including beeswax that is fresh from the hive. Everything that is in our recipe is there because of its beneficial properties to your beard. We love it that our beard balm is organic, natural and non toxic, ensuring kind and soothing care and conditioning for your skin and beard.
We offer a selection of delightfully fragranced beard balms that suit any occasion. Our good quality beard balm really does make growing a beard a pleasure.

organic Sandalwood Beard Balm

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