We put our hands through a lot each day. A heck of a lot. So much so that we often take them for granted. The list of tasks they perform are endless, day in and day out. Surely they can be excused for looking a bit below par every now and then? Well, not necessarily. Did you know that using a hand cream as part of your daily grooming routine can work wonders on them? It’s true, using a good hand cream will bring them back into tip top condition in no time.

So what will a good hand cream do for your hands?

A good hand cream is the single most effective thing you can use to alleviate your dry and sore hands. 

With the rise in the use of hand sanitisers for health and hygiene reasons, their use has left many a hand worse for wear due to them drying out the skin. Even washing your hands with mild soap can have a negative effect on your skin’s hydration. It is this drying process that leads to the delicate skin around the top of your hands cracking. The never ending cycle of sanitising and washing over and over again throughout the day never allows the skin on your hands to heal. This is the moment when a good quality hand cream can step in and save the day, or should we say your hands? 

A hand cream will help to moisturise your hands and seal the moisture into your skin. They can also provide a barrier to the harmful elements that may come into contact with your hands.

What goes into a good hand cream?

A good quality hand cream will feature certain key ingredients that have been proven to help moisturise, heal and protect your hands. These are natural ingredients and may consist of beeswax, vegetable glycerine and several moisturising oils such as coconut oil or almond oil. 

The beeswax acts as a protective, breathable layer on the skin’s surface, sealing in the moisture. It has other vital roles to play too. The protective layer of beeswax helps shield the skin away from environmental pollutants and their destructive free radicals. Beeswax can even help to protect the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, helping to slow the skin ageing process. The beauty of beeswax is in the way it can moisturise the skin without clogging the pores.

Vegetable glycerine greatly matches our own skin’s PH levels and has an amazing ability to hydrate while also helping to heal wounds.

Another thing you want in your hand cream is vitamin E. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant which may be effective at reducing UV damage on the skin. When applied daily, it can nourish the skin and help protect from the damage of free radicals.

Some essential oils are added just for their lovely smell. But try to pick a natural hand cream that contains essential oils such as lavender or rose. They not only smell beautiful but they can do the skin some good as well.

Many commercial hand creams and lotions contain undesirable chemicals that don’t actually do us much good. They can make their way into our body through eating, when it is transferred from our fingers to our mouth. Some can even seep into your skin where they can have a negative impact. 

Here at Fresh from the Hive we always believe that nature knows best. Nature has provided us with many natural and healing ingredients to choose from. We simply don’t need laboratory produced chemicals to beautify our skin anymore. 

So when you are next looking for a good hand cream, make sure you look at what it contains and make sure it is a natural chemical free hand cream. Your hands will thank you for it.

organic Lavender and beeswax hand cream
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